Mona Vale Placemaking Event, Sat 21 March

You are invited to a special Place Planning workshop for Mona Vale.

Date: Saturday 21 March, 2015
Time: Between 10:00am and 12:00pm
Place: Mona Vale Memorial Hall
RSVP: Kim Reading email: or phone on 9970 1104

The workshop will be conducted by John O’Callaghan. John, founder of Trending City, is an urban planner specialising in social activation, community engagement and new media. He is passionate about positive behaviour change and making our cities more liveable through creativity and innovation.

John will conduct an interactive session looking at place branding and place making.

As you may know Pittwater Council is moving towards Place Planning our community spaces. Place planning is creating places where the community want to live, connect and work.

Through place planning Council will aim to:

  • Create places designed for people
  • Attract the right uses to the right places
  • Provide a focal point for employment and new forms of residential development
  • Improve connectivity in and around the centre, especially for pedestrians
  • Recognise the importance of streets as community spaces and destinations.
  • The development of this plan is taking place over the next 18 months with Urban Talks, Interactive Workshops and Enliven events being held during this time.

Whilst the Mona Vale Place Plan is the first, it will not be the last as Council will apply this process across all villages and community spaces in the future.

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